ask, ask for, ask ... to
both, either, neither
can & be able to (video)
can & may
columns (what are the three columns?) (vídeo)
confusing expressions (BBC link)
conjunction (link)
connectors (link)
do & make (video)
false cognates
hadn't & didn't have
have something done (video)
must & have to
need + ing
past modal verbs
phrasal verbs (video)
phrasal verbs (list of)
prefer and would rather
prefer, would rather, had better, rather than
prepositions + ing
pronunciation: 'ed' (link)
question tags (video)
relative pronouns
reported speech
so that
special difficulties (vídeo)
special verbs
tell, say, speak, talk (video)
terms used
there to be com modais e going to (video)
unless / as long as and provided/providing
verbs confused
whoever  wherever  whatever  however  whenever
whom, which
would & used to
Intermediate grammar